Lyon to Saint-Priest

One of the Beauharnais' Family residency built over four hundreds years ago.
One of the Beauharnais’ Family residency built over four hundreds years ago.

The way from the Lyon-Saint-Exupery Airport to Saint-Priest is approximately 14,5 kilometres, but what interesting, the trip from the one one place to the other takes more than 45 minutes! Yes, travelling by public transport is for sure the most time-consuming option to get to Saint-Priest.

But here comes to aid LyonDirect that provides you with quick transfer from the airport to your hotel in Saint-Priest. In less than 15 minutes you will get to the city centre. Out modern, Mercedes vehicles equipped with air conditioning and many other facilities are to ensure that you receive the best service in the best travel conditions. Our staff of  professional, english-speaking drivers will drive you safe and sound to your destination and take  you back to the airport when you need. Additionally, you may request 24/7 assistance of them throughout your stay in Saint-Priest.

Versailles Palace in Lyon surrounded by fosse.
Versailles Palace in Lyon surrounded by fosse.

By the way of staying in the city we recommend to take a city tour with LyonDirect.

The city tour that we provide includes:

  • pick up at your hotel,
  • english-speaking tour guide,
  • assistance of our drivers throughout the trip,
  • lunch,
  • fuel and parking costs included,
  • stroll by the Old City,
  • visiting the oldest temple in the region – The Cathedral of Saint Francesco,
  • drop off,
  • sms information service.

The French Royal Family's summer residence.
The French Royal Family’s summer residence.